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Azure Shadow Diagnostics


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Hello all,


I managed to get a non functional Azure Shadow today as it's been lying around at my venue for a year and nobody did anything about, and was hoping some of you could give me some advice on where to start diagnosing it. So far I've opened it up and checked everything's not loose, and it all seems to be fine apart from no floppy disk drive is installed at the moment.


The LED display on the motherboard is showing 'iiii'. Does that mean anything to anyone? I had a quick google, but couldn't find a list or similar explaining the different codes.


Any help would be really appreciated.




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If you mean by moving the jumper on the motherboard then I've tried that (both the AVOS and HARDWIPE jumper), but otherwise I am not sure how to access it. All the power LEDs are lit, but I am getting no output on the VGA display at all.

sorry then, im out of my dept at this point, I was suggesting entering avo mode, which could be pin protected, and using the "clear all" function, ant trying to reload a show then.

im not advanced enough to navigate the desk without a vga. maybe send it down to avo for a recondition? the borris motherboard is fairly ro bust, and having opened a shadow desk to replace faders and whatnot, I can tell you they are well put together.


id send it to avo.

edit to ask, your sure the montior is working?

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Thanks for all your help, I just have a feeling the 'iiii' on the motherboard display might be indicating something...


Yeah, the monitor is fine, just tested it with the laptop I'm using to write this. I would send it to Avo but I'm pretty low on money, and being a student doesn't help... Thanks anyway :-)

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Yeh I dont know what iii stands for but the led should be showing /OK


You could try putting the re-set jumper on the Map board turn the console on leave for 20 seconds turn of and remove the jumper. This will trigger a full reset.


You will need a new disk drive so buy one of those then download the latest avos software update and try booting it from that disk?

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Hello All,


I was in contact with Avo before I posted here, I just wanted to see what people had to say here.


Turns out it looks like a problem with the MASHA or SASHA, which will need replacing (as I can't even get into AVOS to load any new software). Lee at Avo suggested rather than posting the desk to them (and I can't take it down myself as they aren't open on weekends and I'm at school 5 days a week) I see if anyone in my area has a working desk I can swap the chips from to see which ones are dead. If you happen to be in Kent and are willing for me to bring my desk to you for a few pounds please PM me!


Apart from that thanks for your suggestions and help.

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