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Scaffolding feet


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Here we go, try another tack. http://www.litestructures.co.uk/litedeck_accessorieslegsystems.htm


"Up to 950mm stage height, the system uses simple scaffold tube legs, whilst above this height the LegFrame system provides additional rigidity, reinforced as it is by two clamp-on braces. The heights of the system are derived from building standard regulations, and as such all step units fit directly on to standard stage heights whilst complying with legislative requirements for typical performance and exhibition venues."


So there are no approved 6'6" individual legs with or without diagonals to be used on Litedeck and still maintain structural integrity/legislative requirements. You cannot buy long legs from Litedeck AFAIK. It isn't all about the shear fracture of the bolts themselves but the damage caused to the stringers by overtightening bolts for connections undergoing vertical loads that is the major problem.


If you think about scaff the same applies to tube and clip with vertical loads never being dependent on bolted connections. That is, there is a right and a wrong way up for scaff clips and the bolts only secure lateral fixings not vertical loads. Same with system stages, no vertical loads supported on bolts alone. Does that make any better sense, Tony?

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To answer the original question however, and just to throw it out there ( I know not the legalities, RA requirements, Structural interaction details (ali to steel etc) however purely as a thought to invite further discussion....



I give you the humble Screw Jack






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Not sure about the UK but in Australia we use the term 'fit for purpose' to assess whether certain solutions could reasonably be used.

From reading the discussion, I would have to say that the used, or proposed use, in that configuration is not 'fit for purpose'.


Never mind how 'perfectly fine' it may look to the layman (let's be honest here) I would be hesitant to use things beyond their design capacities.

The biggest risk IMHO is the repeated use of decks in that way, eventually it will fail.

A 1' drum riser collapsing could be a good thing, a 6'6" walkway could have some very serious consequences, for both people above and under.

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Well, sorry, but that's where I'd have to both agree AND disagree with you.

I think I've made it plain that I'm all for ensuring the safety of both performers and crew, and as such will most definitely be assessing the fitness for the use WE put these decks to on a regular basis.

But by that same token, I have concluded (along with others during discussions) that FOR THAT PURPOSE that we use the decks, the support mechanisms we use are indeed wholly fit. But anything more, and I start to look at modifications where identified as needed.

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