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writing a tech. rider


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Hey All!


Need help with putting together a Technical Rider for a small venue.


Venue holds around 150-200 people. I'm supplying a: DJ, Singer & Harp/Guitar player. Company wants a technical rider writen out so they can inform the sound people...Help!


What do I need?



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If I understand you correctly, you need to supply this information to the venue as to what are your technical requirements.


The things you need to include would be whether you need a microphone for the singer and the harp, whether the guitar will need a microphone or be DI. For the DJ, they'll need to know if you're supplying the gear or them, and whether you need to plug into their PA system and how. You should say if you expect them to provide the PA, for example. If the guitarist has an amplifier, or if the DJ has any decks or other gear you may need to include proof of PAT-test or the like. You may also need to mention what lighting you require.


Depending on the nature of the event you could also include how many dressing rooms and/or facilities you need... but that's diverting more into a contract than a technical rider.


Having said that, if I was the venue I'd have sent you a list of what I wanted to know - maybe you should ask the venue?


Hope this helps :stagecrew:

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As an addition to rugby tech, your technical rider should explicitly cover anything you expect them to provide for you, even the most common sense items as that favourite line goes " assumption is the mother of all F*CK Ups! "


Also if you request the venue to provide bottles of water in dressing room/ side of stage for performers... that kind of stuff

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and specify the time you will arrive.


Be wary of the drink and food requirements. "supplied at no cost to the artiste" is useful, if you don't want to get charged for M&S sarnies on the contra.


also if you have anything heavy, fragile or unusual to get in, mention that too. I asked for 3 get-in crew once, not one was big enough to lift the flight cases up onto the stage.

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If you are writing a rider for a band this might help, this is the rider for the band I'm currently working for. Rider  (It opens in word)






Just one thing from reading your rider....


"Microphones listed are the preferred choice, however, we understand that these may not be available and we leave it to you to provide suitable alternatives"


Very trusting to ensure the recieving venue understands the difference between suitable and what they've got in the back! :unsure: ** laughs out loud **

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Can I quickly make some points from the other side of the rider.


If more than 4 mixes on stage are needed then I normaly provide a monitor desk and engineer. so to discover that "4 mixes with 8 wedges plus biamped drum fill" was actualy 4 mixes total was irritating. also on the same rider, Beta 57 vocals was a typo and they wanted Beta 87


Personaly I find specific microphone recomendations irritating when (to quote) Oh thats what the guy in the music shop told us all the professionals have.


I would like to see, Stage plot, Input list and Monitor mix info. All of which make the sound check nice and efficiant and gives the band more time to rehearse on stage.

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