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patt 23 fetching nearly £200 each!


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this 1 x patt 23 is bidding on ebay for £176 WHY?


ebay sale



5 years ago nobody wanted patt23's, old, expensive lamp, might have asbestos cabling, fixed lens etc.


apart from a small market of people wanting them to restore as a nice interior lamp for their home. who is buying them at these prices?



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You should see the prices they fetch once they've been polished.


Speaking of which, any recommendations on how to clean and polish these and other similar vintage strand lanterns?


As in, make them look nice for use as theatre lanterns or bright n shiny for show?


If the latter, just polish them with a wheel or do what I did and take them to the guys that electro-plate things like car bits etc. First off, they rid of the paint and buff them completely clean, which give a pretty nice bright shiny finish. If that's not enough for you, ask them to plate them (well, the parts that you give them) and polish/lacquer to finish. Options like chrome, nickel, copper plate etc are nice and not that expensive.


The guys that did the bits for mine were mildly interested in what the bits actually were, but in the end they just plate metal stuff and make it look nice - whatever it is.

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There seems to be a mini revival happening near me with clubs turning more vintage and boutique and I've seen patt 23's being 'installed' because of their look for the bars/clubs. One club has 8 patt 23's in the main bar but none of them work. Another club that's about to open has had 20 polished patt23's installed creating spots across walls
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Pat 23"s are now a collectors item,


They remind the many now older or retired people of earlier times, when life was full of fun and learning.

I know they bring back many happy memeries for me !

If people are happy to pay big dollars for them, leave them be !

And you can make some money along the way.

I have paid around about $100 to $120 Australian for them.

Thats about 50 pounds roughly.

And I still use them regularly.

And I dont mind cleaning them up a bit,

In fact I probably enjoy it !


Please dont chuck them out !

There are plenty of people who will take them.

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