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Theatre blacks


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sorry I did not mean backs as in clothing I meant black fabric for legs and borders. Sorry


My apologies! The first thing that comes to mind when I hear "theatre blacks" is clothing!


You might try contacting local theatres? If they're getting a new stock in, I'm sure they'd rather their old stock went to a good home, rather than in the bin!

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The cheap stuff from Whaleys is cheaper than washing and re flameproofing used drape.


Consider whether used drape will be clean and presentable, and be sold with a flame retardancy guarantee?

..and all the ties are there...


Try: http://www.jcjoel.com/




Seconded - J&C Joel have pretty much any fabric you can imagine, and they'll finish them (hems, ties, conduit pocket etc) to extremely custom specifications. I got a quote recently on some taffeta for a show (marketed by J&CJ as Polyester Trevira) and it was comparable in price to Whaleys, but the customer service is so much better - phone them up and ask for Glynis.

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