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Gig shorts

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These shorts are AMAZING, they have a phone pouch,a great screwdriver pouch, a clip for radio, standard big cargo pocket etc etc.. colour hasnt faded at all and they are tough as fark. not a mark on any of them!

Any news on what these hard-wearing shorts are?


I've been through most of the cheap black combats & shirts and have settled for now with Sports Direct's polos and combats - Slazenger polos and Airwalk (I think) combats.

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Er, what is NOT fashionable about wearing the BLACK t-shirt to the pub...??


Sheesh, you young uns...!



When they are Tshirts like my PLSN one that say "Without the Lights its just Radio" or "Media Servant" With the picture of a pixel map... they usually attract a range of bad, non-geek related jokes. Which defeats the object of the Tshirt :D Or some random drunk telling me my Tshirt has a "mistake" on it...



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What a fantastic metrosexual thread this is becoming!


My last 2 pairs of shorts came from tesco. Dark brown nylon-type with loads of deep pockets, stay clean-looking after oily jobs; then camo-type cotton sort with deep leg pockets that are a fiddle to undo with one hand and shallow normal pockets that only just hold your change; hides the sort of dust you find up ladders and lofts. Both types comfy, go up and down ladders with me and just long enough to deflect stray solder from the thighs when your at the bench; a valuable asset. About 8-10 quid each.

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Slightly more expensive, but I'm a big fan of the SoulCal ones from Republic. Plenty of pockets, big enough to hold tools, or a radio in the back pocket and pretty sturdy too. Often on special offer if you but 2 or 3 pairs at a time and they come in a range of colours. For the rest of the girls out there, I find many female 'combat shorts' or 'combat pants' to be too short, have too small pockets and too thin and flimsy for crawling on stages etc. These go down to pretty small sizes, albeit bloke measurement, but they tend to do the trick.
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I generally wait till my blue castle "gig trousers" become tatty around the bottom (even though this takes ages) and turn them into three-quarter lengths.


All in all I'm not a massive fan of shorts in general, as trousers offer a bit more protection from scrapes and grazes on the lower leg - especially when tipping trucks into the early hours! That and the fact my body temperature seems to be opposite to everyone else!

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Love this thread.


Love the anger.


Love the fashion advice.


I work in fields and so go by the principle of buy cheap, trash, bin, repeat.


But as far as cheap suppliers go.... I would say Tesco do the best or Primark if you have one near you.


My favourite work shorts (which means they hardly ever get worn) are the ones with Cascade Events Ltd printed across the ar*e. Combined with Cascade Events branded boxer shorts (and yes, we do really have them) they make a strong look.

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I like my shorts to have the following features:-

Deep pockets that can handle keys and coins without disintegrating within a year.

The facility to screw an entire tank of Febreeze onto a suitably mounted port for all year freshness.

Fire retardant groin for when using to crush hot ParCans between your thighs.

Absorbency for protection against uncontrolled wet flatulence or penile secretion.

RIDICULOUSLY wide legs for that "American dude" look.

Non groinally chaffing.


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