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CAT 5 Cable


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Hi All,


Appolgies if this question has been answered before, done a search of the site but can't find an answer!


We are re-doing all of our DMX FOH multicores over the next couple of months and I want to include some CAT 5 lines in them as well as DMX and comms tie-lines.


So I'm trying to source some black sheathed, very flexible CAT 5 cable. Most of the stuff I can find is for install and as such is generally grey and not very flexible.


Any help appreciated.

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First, you should be aware that there are different types of CAT5 cable - and I'm not talking about the cat5/cat5e/cat6/etc argument.


Most cat5 installation cable is solid core, and hence not particularly flexible. For patch cables etc you would use stranded cable, which is more flexible. But normally still PVC-jacketed.


Installation cables come in several flavours - there's the standard PVC-jacketed stuff, there's LSOH for use in plenum space etc, and you also get an "exterior grade" cable. I've never used the exterior grade one, but I believe the main difference is that the cable jacket is more UV-resistant.



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