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Titan Mobile Shape Question


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Hi all,


Quick question for you all. Currently using my Titan mobile and I'd like to do a random dimmer spread. Does such an option exist? I can see a way to reverse the direction, but not randomise it. Or, failing that, is there a "Random dimmer" shape hidden somewhere that I can't see?






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No. The patterns that the shapes use work by applying offsets to the current attribute value over time. If the random pattern is applied to the dimmer attribute you will get a dimmer level jumping up and down at various levels.

I would imagine this is not the effect you are wanting (and it is only a repeating pseudo random pattern anyway). Really what you probably want is a dimmer spread with randomly changing phase offsets on each fixture. This is not possible at the moment although the need for a solution is understood.


I just make chases and set them to random.

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Do you actually want genuinely random during the playback of the shape? Or do you just want a seemingly random selection order that the shape fires through the fixtures in an "here, there and everywhere" sequence.


If the latter, how about:


I have neve used Titan Mobile, but if I am using an Avo desk and want my shape to appear "random" I use one of my randomised selection groups. Although there is no "random" button as on other desks, I just stab at fixture Swop buttons in any old order and save it to a group called Random Spots or whatever. Then the shape plays back across that selection.


On the non Titan desks, I like to use Group 1 as All Spots (in fixture order) and Group 11 as All Spots "Random". Then if I wanted to select that I just double hit 1 and Recall Group... easy to remember.

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