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Makeup Mirror Lighting


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Hi All


Where can I purchase SES strip/batten lighting units similar to the ones used in Star dressing rooms and around Makeup Mirrors.


Many thanks



Have always made them. I am sure GDS would make some up for you.



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If useing either of the products linked to above, or anything similar, I would consider it prudent to power the lamps via an RCD, in view of the proximity to possibly foolish persons.
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The Ikea one 'as-is' would not be suitable, as it has fluorescent lamps. You'd need to swap them all out for SES tungsten lamps.

- Fluorescent lamps 'white' is not white as we know it, there are many missing colours.


The lamps must be tungsten, as otherwise the makeup will not be the same colour when viewed on stage compared to in the makeup lights.


I'd go for low-voltage halogen with a SELV supply if possible.


That's safer than RCD-protected mains, and it will be easier to get new lamps for them in the future.

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The use of extra low voltage would indeed be safer than RCD protected mains, though many consider an RCD sufficient.

SES lamps certainly exist in ELV but seem to be less common than BC or SBC.

24 volt BC or SBC with a frosted finish are still used for interior lighting of buses, and fairly widely sold. (screw base lamps are not favoured for vehicle lighting as they are apt to work loose)

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I shall try to take some photos of our mirror lights. We fitted circular inspection boxes to mount bc lampholders to inside some large plastic trunking. The platic trunking is merely for aesthetics.


We ended up with a compromise as the operatics can be troublesome in hanging garments on things they shouldn't. We do have a stock of tungsten lamps to replace the cfl megaman pingpongs. If we have a true thespian present.


One issue with these lamps is performers have an annoying habit of peeling the opaque layer off the lamp.




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