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Ideas wanted - for website domain as techie/props


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Hey there,

this is my first post so hellow all.

I was wondering of anyone could come up with some great ideas for a website domain as Im a 3rd year scenic arts student trying to get a website and stuff sorted before I graduate in june.... I hope to work as a prop maker/crew ... possibly construction... also very interested in interior design, so you see the website domain shouldnt be too specific, yet I dont wanna use my name. so anything funky theatre related would be cool ....

thanks !!! jiras410

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Guest lightnix

Uncanny ;) Just what I was going to say before I scrolled down to Hippy's answer :)


EDIT:On a slightly more helpful note: the challenge of finding a snappy, relevant, but non-specific name for a business enterprise is often a tricky one. It took me about a week of mulling over to come up with "Wavicle". I stuck with it because I felt it was a modern-sounding, light-related name, potentially applicable to almost any area of the lighting business. True, the strap line ties the company down to LEDs, but that could always change in the future, should other new technologies appear.


Try having a dig through Roget's Theosaurus - that's often good for inspiration. Try to avoid using a play on words or a jokey pun, they frequently sound cheesy and unprofessional IMHO ("Simply LED" and "Turn On Delights" were two of my early rejects for that reason). Beware of names that can be easily parodied (Unusable Rigging and Theatre Rejects spring to mind).


I've got to go out now, more if I think of it...

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Another factor to consider when choosing a name is how well it will rank in search engines. Taking a word which appears in many other sites will not get you near the top. Make up a 'nonsense' word and you stand a better chance.


As an example, a friend of mine was starting a small business and I came up with the name 'saturntech' for him. It doesn't mean anything in particular but stick it in google and it comes up in positions 1 and 2.


From figures I have seen, the split between people typing in a full URL and using a search engine is around 50:50, so the ideal name should be easy to remember (for the full URL) and also rank well in searches.

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