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Lamp Controls Jester ML


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course it does,almost every desk can fire the lamp on movers,and turn it off again.All you need to do is set the correct DMX channels to the correct value for the correct amount of time,the values can be discovered in the manual for the particular fixture you wish to lamp on/off
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Hi Damobarrowafc,


The LeapFrog 48 & 96 allows you to record Macros, so we create predefined macros that LampOff / LampOn for you, but all this actually does, as themadhippy says, is to take a certain channel, to a certain level for a certain amount of time.


On the Jester ML, you have to do this manually. Check the User Manual of your fixture to find out which channel you need to use, but it's normally Shutter or Lmp/Res (Lamp / Reset).


There is also usually a setting on the fixture to turn this feature off, so you can't accidentally lamp off or reset during a show. You might need to check that setting too.

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