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Looking for a projector


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I had an email the other day from an N.Rorke about a "Video Blackout Device" (VBOD). For £200+ you get a manual/video sensing flag that closes over your projector lens. The Website is based at Waitrose's ISP, slightly bizarrely, but the site looks tidy enough.

It has a proprietary remote, rather than DMX control, but apparently it can also be set to open or close according to whether or not it senses a video feed passing through it and on to the projector.


I suppose if you spend enough on your projector then an extra couple of hundred quid on the budget may go unnoticed...

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The Website is based at Waitrose's ISP


Sounds odd but I found that they give 20MB Storage, alow you to run (some) scripting, alow you to use it for comercial use and it is quick and free.



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Well just to update. They got themselves a very good deal on a small LCD projector that did the trick and only suffered from one major problem......OPERATOR ERROR!!!!!


You would be amazed at how difficult some people find it to press play when someone says GO! in their ear.

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I rigged up something using an LCD screen from my first laptop.


Basically, the laptop is no more, and the polaroids and LCD array were in front of the projector.


A bit of electronic dossing around and an added PTMPTB switch later and when you press the switch, the LCD goes black.


Useful, because its possible to rig it up to do fades etc. (although I didn't do that)


Cunning. :D



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