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Phonic Summit digital mixer

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I've had a careful look at the literature, and there are a few things that I'd struggle with. First is workflow - there are no 'selected channel' controls - everything you might want to adjust on the selected channel needs to be done through the one 'parameter' knob - and that includes all the dynamics settings, and all the eq settings. Or on screen - but that's a small screen to use for so much functionality.


And expandability. 16 channels seems alot, but there's no expansion. The website mentions using more than one mixer for recording, but doesn't suggest that it's possible for live work. If 16 channels is enough, then fine. But there's nowhere to go if you need more.

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The Thomann price puts the 01V96 about a third more expensive than the Phonic Summit--but with the known build quality, the plethora of expansion cards to do anything you need and the huge user base, I know I'd spend the extra.


The aforementioned Behringer mixer might be a good deal but, at present, it's still not on the market. All that's been shown so far was a semi-working prototype.



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Could any of you guys tell me if you have managed to get your hands on one of these and if it's any good. I'm looking for a digital mixer and this came up and seems a cracking price. I want it for conference work.





I hope my reply is not too late I have one of these mixers and it's great I can give you any information you want

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