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Mirror Ball location


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First off let me say, I hate using mirrorballs but thats just a personal thing :stagecrew:


I have a mirrorball (approx 9" diameter) that the producer wants to put above the audience to give the effect of being in a disco (audience holds about 300 so not very big).


I have experimented with various locations for the two spots which are down on the floor to give the best angle for reflection. However, I am not getting the right effect. What's the best place to site a mirror ball and associated spots?




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If its to go over the audience then what about around the front of the audience row 1/2 and have the spot (what sort pf spot pin or normal double lense?) on the FOH bar pointing at the lower side of it.


if you have some verticle bars have the ball in the same place but use these.


I really want to use some pictures to show what I meen but I cant :stagecrew:

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If you can, don't put it over the audience, which is effectively behind them, but put it where they can see it. The, when it's lit, with a little haze if possible, it will become more obvious.


If you can, swap it for a bigger one (18" for example) they're dirt cheap from places like CPC anyway.

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I Hate mirror balls too! you think 1 is bad we have 8 14" mirror balls in our panto!

5 get flown in to the audience ! we are just using a mixture of pin spots with black wrap round them and zoom profiles irised right down!


I have to say for as much as I hate mirror balls for the 15 second wow factor effect it works a treat !

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