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Rank Strand CSI

london sound

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Does anyone know who can either service or supply new shutters and iris for the following follow spot.


Rank Strand Solo CSI Followspot (lamp 1000w CSI/CID). Lamp is purely for reference as I can get these.


I understand that Rank Strand do not make any spares for these units.






Thanks in advance




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Think you will struggle to find spares for them, we sitll have a couple of Strand Solo tungsten versions in our hire stock (soon to go I think!) which are a similar beast. I cannot for love or money get spares for them, last time I found some I bought the lot but have pretty much used them all.
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Just a thought, but could you try to find an incandescent 2k (293/793?) and scavenge from that? I've got two, but you can't have them!




Please ignore the above. I was outside a wine bottle when I mis-read the original question. :** laughs out loud **: ;)

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