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ETC LED fixture personality...


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Well, following on from my other post about the purchase of 8 ETC Paletta LED fixtures my next trick is to come up with a suitable fixture personality on our Strand 300 desk. (That is until we invest in the Ion next year).


The problem is that there just aren't enough colours available on the Strand attribute list to cater for the paletta's unusual (but useful) colour range.


That range is:









Now, the R/G/B is obviously OK, and Cyan is of course there from the C/M/Y options. I could assign the magenta as Indigo, maybe, and yellow for the Amber. Which leaves the red/orange channel...


I tried several options yesterday, using (eg) 'Colour2' as a simple attribute option, but that doesn't seem to want to play ball. Tried one or two other atts instead, but still no...


The fixture is fine when addressed as a 1-1 patch of the 8 channels and driven as such instead of as a fixture, but with 8 of them I'd rather not gobble up 64 channels in that way.


So - thoughts anyone? There MUST be someone out there driving one of these Selador units from a Strand desk (Paletta, Lustr, Vivid-R and with slightly less channels the Vivid Fire/Ice)...


As I say, when we invest in the new desk it will cease to be an issue, so I'm looking for at the least a good work-around until then.

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Hi Tony:


If you can bare it, then you could feasibly use any of the available attributes provided that they are LTP and fade-able. A post it note on one of the monitors would be a good way to remind yourself just what is doing what. The reason the Col2 attribute might not have worked well could be because it was trying to snap? I don't know the Strand consoles that well I'm afraid.


Using RGBCMY as the majority of your colours would be sensible (again, assuming that the console can cope with that) and then maybe Iris or Pan or Tilt or something as the final colour. Although be careful with any Auto Marking or Dark Moves that the console might try and throw in if you do use the P&T Channels.


Of course any colour spectrum based colour selectors wouldn't be helpful with these fixtures with this personality style, but then as you say, it's a bit of a workaround until you get a proper desk (sorry - couldn't resist it :P )








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While I am thinking about it. There isn't a control channel in there somewhere that needs to be set to a value that enables the colours to work in various modes is there?


It could be (although isn't making a lot of sense in my head at the moment) that there is another channel that needs to be at zero which is achieved when you patch 1:1 but gets confused when there's a personality file in the desk?


Just a thought



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If it's only for a short while, would it be easier to softpatch them so it's as follows:


401 Red 1

402 Red 2

403 Red 3

404 Red 4

405 Red 5

406 Red 6

407 Red 7

408 Red 8


Either 409 / 411 RedOrange 1

410/412 RedOrange 2


417/ 421 Amber 1

418/ 422 Amber 2


and so on?

Might make it easier to be able to grab blocks of channels and adjust colour in blocks? 401 thru 408 @ full , etc?


Just a thought :P

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If it's only for a short while, would it be easier to softpatch them so it's as follows:


401 Red 1

402 Red 2

403 Red 3


That's pretty much how I tend to patch our existing par 56 LEDs, for that very reason. And likely what I would do if I had to go that way.


@Smiffy - to be honest I didn't try a lot of atts for the 7th colour, as I was running short of time yesterday, but will start to go through the options methodically methinks.

Oh, and ch 8 on each fixture (oddly NOT ch 1) is the overall intensity channel.

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Turns out I was looking in the wrong place for the error!

(Always the likelihood when rushing a job!)

I'd missed the fact that the atts line on the fixture were all set as '0', whereas I needed to set one value to '255' of course.


So now re-set the fixture using RGB/CMY and CTO (with an idiot's guide printed for reference) and all is now working fine.


Like I said... DOH!!


Thanks for the suggestions though.

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