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Hey Percy - was it the pump that failed ?


My F-80Z pump has failed twice now, the first time was under warranty but this time it's going to cost me. Unfortunately its not blocked and I have taken it out & inspected it, it even hums when activated. Strange !


How much was it ?

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Hi Dan


Get in touch with the guys at Coemar as before, they will be able to help and they wont charge for telling you whats up with it.. then im sure they will give you a price of what it might cost to have it fixed and then sort it for you if you want.


They are a very friendly bunch and will be pleased to help!


Their website as been offline for ages, I dont think they are doing anything with it from what I heard!




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Thanks for the advice Nick :o


It took a while to get through and a few messages left but I finally got to speak to the right person and they had the pump part listed (M24063 if anyone else ever needs one) and it's about £16 so I have ordered a new one.


Smokin :o

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Hi guys


Just for the record, in the past we had two companies Coemar UK and LED-Lites. Since most of our business is now in LED-lItes we have combined the two companies. So LED-Lites is now the Coemar distributor.


And for your reference the brands that we import and distribute are


Coemar, Moving lights -Theatre lighting

Geni, Disco Lighting Scanners etc

Ayrton, LED based moving lights

Solar, LED Lighting

Marveon, LED Tubes

Antari, Smoke Machines

Hungaroflash, Strobes

Alkalite, LED fittings



Ian kirby

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