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DMX and simple desk


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Good afternoon, I have got myself a couple of LED 'par cans' which are quite reasonable, except I currently only have reasonably limitted control over them (on or off, and various static colours)


Is it possible to control the LED lights using the DMX out of an anytronics aroura 12 desk (which isn't programable),

eg. will the slider position relate to a DMX signal that will change the colour etc when in different positions.


Obviously a horrible solution, but I haven't got the funds to purchase a USB to DMX controller or a decent lighting desk at such short notice.


any advice much apprieciated.



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Yes the Aurora will do it. (I assume you can get hold of one and am not planning on buying one?)


Good good,


Yes, I've got hold of one. I'm helping do sound and lighting for an amature theatre show in the town where I live.


I'll have a go this evening now I'm not concerned that I could break something.




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Appologies for being stupid, I'm not very familliar with lighting stuff. Sound more my thing. So any tips on how to make it work would be very gratefully received. The LED lights are LEDJ LED64's. and the desk is anytronics super aurora 12.





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The LEDJ units are 4 channel. The desk has 12 preset faders (x2) which correspond to channels 1-12 respectively.


Address first can to 1 and second to 5.


Your faders will then control:












If you don't need separate control of the two then address both to 1 and only use the first four faders.

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