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Got thinking after my PLASA post.


I can understand that it is hard for manufacturers to bring something new to the market place to keep us punters happy each year.


So consider this. Put your self in their shoes. What would you be making for PLASA next year. For you, us, me to use. Bear in mind, it needs to be practical, possible and affordable. If it sounds silly it probably is!

Consider the thing that annoy you while up the truss, behind the desk, under the stage, on the truck, up the scope, in the dimmer room etc. Suggest a few things to improve products that you use every day or come up with something new. If its a great idea keep it to your self and get a backer and we will see at PLASA next year!!


Starter for 10:

Sharpie lids with a neck lanyard clip hoop in the top so you don't have to LX tape it to the lanyard each time.


Lets see what happens here!



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How about some handy tools e.g.


A thing for undoing tight soca connectors,

a thing for doing up and undoing over tightened cee form caps and locking rings

a wing nut wrench (already been made but I cant seem to find them anywhere)

easy stamp for marking plug tops that can then wash off

speacial little cloths in clean sachets that you can hold lamps with when your installing them - no more "did I touch that bit or not?"

a pack of every ? to ? jumps in a pouch so you can keep loads of them together for any eventuality

a work belt that isnt old army surplus that you can clip carabiners too for holding aj's and podgers etc.


And some others,

UV smoke fluid

coloured XLR's for cable lengths

really hard wearing fingerless gloves for rigging

a speaker tester that isnt a 9v battery but costs about the same

cup holder attachment for flight cases (to be used next to lx and sound desks

prompt desk cup holder\ash tray

old atari\spectrum games for lx desk eg pacman, tron, attic attack, space invaders etc


large scale ioniser for the air to keep opera singers happy



Hopefully these will do for starters.


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Although this is in lighting I think that it will end up in tea break. But TRS with in built cable ties, the reuseable ones.


Canford Audio do a product which connects to the cable and stays there permanently. You can then use it to hold the cable tied up when coiled after use. It involves velcro and can be seen



They work, and they do exactly what I think you are after. Just over £1 each.

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wingnut spanners are by a guy with a site at



you can already get coloured boots for XLR's as well


games, you can get the atari emulator for pc, and the games, and run them on your Vector, HogPC, but wouldnt recommend it on a D4, dont want to give it another reason to crash.


As for cable tie'ing devices, velcro would be better, also for the fact it stays to one end when you undo it, so it doesnt need retying when you undo it, and also is more flexible than actual cable ties...


UV Smoke Fluid would be really cool

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In my theory its possible just mix the uv paint and the smoke fluid (obvisualy very thin paint)

er.. I don't know the ins and outs of this but surely there would be some toxicity issues with your solution? What is in UV paint exactly that we would all be breathing in? ;)

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