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First LD Job.......


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ok so sunday is going to be my first LD job alone..its for a barmitzvah ...I have been on the avo course and know how to use the desk and have been playing around in the warehouse with some movers and practicing programming the desk as in patching, putting in palettes and chases and movements etc....so im just writing on here to get some advice on how you guys would programm the board (pearl 2008) to operate live at a party......



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Best way to do it, I find... is to patch any generics on the upper bank of faders by using the Avo key to shift the patch up. Then programming your intelligents in groups.. so say Mac 250's first, Mac 500s next, Mac 2000s after that (For an example).


Pallettes are typically set-out as below from left to right on the desk:



- Open

- Red

- Green

- Dark Blue

- Light Blue

- Magenta

- Orange

- Yellow

- Pink

- Colour Scroll (Phased colour chase on all intelligents)



- Open

- Eclipse

- Break-up

- Splash

- Psyco

- Triangle

- Bar

- Rot. Slow

- Rot. Fast

- Rot. STOP



- Audience Focus |||

- Focus One /\/\/\/\

- Focus Two \\\///

- Focus Three \/\/\/\/

- Ceiling Focus


- Prism On

- Prism Rot. Slow

- Prism Rot. Fast

- Prism Rot. STOP


Dependant on your fixtures of course you carry this on for Iris effects if you wish to do those on palletes.


Then on the playbacks, I'll usually have maybe 5 playbacks related to Dimmers for eg.



- Mac 250s 1-100%

- Mac 500s 1-100%

- Mac 2000s 1- 100%

- Dimmer Pulse

- Dimmer Spread


Then, a few shape generations and chases:



- Circle

- Square

- Pan Saw/Swing

- Tilt Saw/Swing

- Colour Flick


Of course, this all depends on the fixtures your using so if you let us know what you'll be using we can give you a bit better advice on how to setup your desk!

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Just wondering Aaron, why do you have individual dimming channels for each type of fixture? Is this for more dynamic effects (swapping intensities between fixture types)?


Also how did you apply dimmer spread to a fader and does this manipulate your dimmer pulse?

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Fair questions I guess...


I usually have seperate dimming channels per fixture type when busking just as it always seems to come in handy.. I never used to but after another LD I was working with did it, it made a lot of sense to me and I have done this ever since... I either do it per fixture type, or per group of fixtures. This usually depends on the rig & what I'm doing with it of course.. the post above being only an example of course!


The dimmer spread is an avo shape generation, which I like to use as it saves me programming chases so cuts down the time it takes to program!



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