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Curtain drop solution.


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Hi, just have a little effect that I cant think the best way to make it is..


The best video I have found of it is

(watch out if your speakers are loud..)


However the stage im doing this one isn't quite as big!, about 8m(w) by 6m(h) is the fabric, the front truss is in the perfect position for this to drop from, now im guessing that a form or pyro was used in the video, what other ways could this be done that would give the same effect - without getting stuck somehow?



Cheers in advance


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It's called a kabuki drop. In that case it is almost certainly done using solenoids triggered electronically but the more basic method is a bar with spikes on which the curtain is hung and a rope which can be pulled, spinning the bar and allowing the curtain to fall off.


Sometimes it doesn't work quite as expected...

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Have a search around using the term Kabuki drop. There ARE other ways of doing it. You can hire electronic Kabuki's, or buy them from Flints

One of the issues you will need to address is what are you going to do with the cloth once you have dropped it? You need to find a way to clear it


Have a search around and let us know if you have any more questions!




Andy Jones

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Thanks for the fast replies very helpful. My google searches are a lot more productive now I know the correct name for it.

Will get onto flints some time next week!

thanks, Alex.

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Kabuki is discussed on the forum!


If you look carefully on your example clip you will see 6 - 8 people dash in and fold that dropped drape (see silouhettes in the riser front lights)


The cloth weight is selected so that it falls easily without causing injury or damage, but not light enough to float in a draught.

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