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Economy CAD package advice


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AutoCAD's free Viewer is here Autodesk DWG TrueView As well as a viewer it also will convert between the various AutoCAD file formats.


I encourage people who are issuing drawings for mark up and comment to use the DWF file format. The files are accurate as they are DWG generated but although people can draw stuff on them and add comments, they can't change the actual drawing. This is becoming more important as we become aware of IP and copyright issues. It's better than PDF as noone needs the full (and expensive) version of Acrobat to work on the files. AutoCAD can also generate PDFs and use them as underlays btw


Autodesk Design Review can be downloaded from here Again it's free


If you have any other CAD related questions, feel free to PM or email me cia cad4theatre


Also if anyone wants a 30 day demo of LD Assistant 10, do get in touch





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I'm looking for a free way of viewing, and doing minor changes, measurements etc on DWG files. Is turbocad the best for this?


I run mac os x and win7 64 bit.

Not sure if it works on MacOS but autocad do a free viewer which is quite good and will allow you to scale \ print things.

Thanks. I had a few issues getting the viewer to work with windows 7, but seems to be doing the trick now!

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