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Enttec not working help please!!!!

Blue Slate Mike

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Afternoon all


I have tried all afternoon get the bloody thing (enttec open DMX usb) to work. I decided to upgrade from my cheap DMX controller because it's difficult to programme, so I got an Enttec after reading some posts on this site. It turned up this morning, I loaded the drivers and upgraded the drivers from the enttec site for windows vista and loaded freestyler to try it out. the freestyler programme says that it is connected, but the lights do not work!!!! So I tried out the lights ( just 4 starville par 56) with my old controller and they are working fine.


Anyone got any ideas??????



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It's quite likely to be the DMX frame repetition rate being too fast. It would help if you filled in your location in your profile so we know where you are, then someone near to you who has a DMX tester might be able to check if the Enttec dongle is working correctly. I have one and would be happy to help but I don't suppose you want to come to the Scottish Highlands to borrow it.


Failing that send the dongle back to your supplier and tell them it doesn't work.

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