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I think Chris is implying that every venue-based person here has a "slightly dodgy" bit of rigging somewhere in their building...

Yes, I kind of see that, but that's what prompted me to ask the question that I did (more specifically, to query the motivation behind Chris' comment, which appeared to imply a sentiment of "If you're all so bloody perfect, let's see what you can do then").


If we'd all spent the whole thread merrily slagging off the rigging techniques shown in the posted pics then I can understand Chris' interest in seeing what we ourselves were capable of in order that it might be determined how well-placed (or otherwise) we were to criticise the efforts of others in this area. But we didn't. The majority of posts in this thread were either saying how pretty and quaint the venue itself looked, making one or two non-accusatory comments about the bits of technical equipment that are visible in the pics, or having a go at David for being irritating by not telling us where the damned place actually is.

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Sorry people,


I've just arrived at University so I won't be able to keep track of things very quickly now....


I posted the pictures merely because I was shocked when I saw the venue (despite the fact that the building itself is lovely). I have never seen anything quite as bad - yes we do all I am sure have one bit of our venues which is far from perfect, but this was a bit 'extreme' for my liking. For goodness sake I am not in a position to really question it, but I did think that it might raise a few eyebrows...isn't that how life works - we all learn from other peoples 'mistakes' (as it were).


The reason I was a bit irritating regarding not letting you know where the venue was, is because I did not want the embarassment of posting pictures of one of the BR's posters' venues (I'm sure thats not the best structured sentance in the world - sorry I'm in a bit of a rush...and this keyboard is awful!)


Sorry for any offence to anyone - but I did think it would be interesting for people to see - and form their own opinions even if they do not reply.


Best Wishes,


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What a lovely theatre - I bet that Welsh Heritage think the same thing!


I bet it is a listed building - yet another example of shoddy rigging because the heritage authorities insist that nothing be installed, and insist that the place be properly maintained, meaning that it needs modern lighting.


The result the first person who is willing to try to rig something without damaging the building produces what we see.


I am not justifying the bad rigging, but that is what you get when heritage nuts say "Change Nothing"

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Right - here we go. I'll be the first to put a very poor job on public view.


A bar that hadn't been used for years - in a daft place, too close to the next set to be used. Look what I found.


3 dogs - no, one and a knot!



Dodgy Rigging 1



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I'm sure we could all find things in our venues far dodgier... although I would just say we probably wouldn't leave those FOH lanterns that unsupported and no one seems to have noticed the TRS running straight past the door on the floor without even attempted covering. As far as I'm aware thats a fire hazzard, correct me if I'm wrong, but they should gaffa the cables down or better still run the TRS over the top of the door where there is no trip hazzard - or even better still they could invest in some slipway tape... but other than that it doesn't look too unsafe... although someone did mention the grelcos in the dimmer - that seems a bit bad. Also - if anyone else does have pix of thier venues it would be kinda interesting to see the dodgy stuff people have in thier venues... just a thought ;)


Is a lovely little theatre though! :blink:

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although someone did mention the grelcos in the dimmer - that seems a bit bad


I'm confused as to why some people have commeted that the grelcos plug directly into the dimmer rack is bad. It is no worse than running an extension from the dimmers and having a grelco on the end of that. Providing the circuits are not being overloaded, and there should be some sort of over current device on the dimmer rack to prevent this, I cannot see any reason why this is unexceptable.


If anyone feels differently, fire away.

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Well I thjink I'm gonna have to go with the I've seen much worse... I don't have any pics, but I'll try and get some.


Here are a few of the nastier ones I can recall... (I'm not insulting anyone who might have done, or be doing these things... but get them changed if you have them...)


A leg rigged on conduit with a chain triangle, where the chain was secured with a bent paper clip. I saw it come crashing down on an actor. He didn't sustain any -real- injuries, but for a man of his proffesion... you understand.


A pair of six foot doughty telescopic stands, suspended from a bar to create ladders, for a single 1/2k fresnel, clamped in on a spigott. Wait for it... Gaffa taped to the bar...


a 14 foot length of scaff, lashed on to conduit width supports, with no more than a few half hitches and a lot of wrapping round the bar. Packed with about 8 1k F's, and 4 or 5 1/2k's... and thinking about it there were a pair of SL's in there too


As for the original pic, I think it's awful, and so easily avoidable... but so true.

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