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Hi Everyone,


In a show coming up there is a scene in a very seedy tavern where the director wants some sort of pinky, purple wash. Do you think that Roscolux #047 and #044 would give the correct sort of depressing, unwelcoming feeling? The gels will be rigged in 500W/1000W fixtures.


Thanks a lot,


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I think LXbydesign is on to a winner - using something like L156 from the front will add quite a lot to the dingy effect, in combination with L127 from some angle from behind. L156 works really quite well on skin too.


If you want an alternative to L127 then L793 turns into a suitably offensive dirty red/pink when dimmed, although it's probably too intense for the effect you want.

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Can't help feeling that the more replies you get, the more alternatives you will receive. (and I'm not sure how much that will help you)


close your eyes, imagine the scene you want to see, then try the gels you think will fit in with your vision.


Trial and error on your own and in rehearsal is the best way to learn.


I do agree though that L730 is a good place to start

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