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Matt sticky back plastic

Sarah Q

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I find myself in the unusual position of stage manager for a forthcoming show and hope someone can help me with a small problem...


I have 30/40 cardboard boxes of differing sizes that need to be wrapped as gifts. These boxes are thrown onto the stage floor every night and when we did the show in Edinburgh, we found the wrapping paper was getting damaged on a daily basis, and it cost a lot of money in replacing the paper.


My friend has suggested matt sticky back plastic instead of wrapping paper for more durability, but I have not had much success finding it in the right colours - reds, light blue, yellow etc. The coating cannot be shiny as I don't want the lighting to reflect, and it has to look convincing as wrapping paper.


Does anyone know where I can get the sticky back plastic in London? And how much it would likely to cost?


(Or any other suggestions as to how to make the paper option more durable?)



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Thanks for the suggestions - will check B & Q!


Black is no good sadly, have to be bright colours, but thanks for all the help so far...


Sorry, re reading your original post I have no idea why I thought you wanted black!!, there used to be a graphics supplier in london we used for all that kind of stuff and sold sticky back plastic called Geliot-Whitman/wheatsheaf graphics, I'll see if I can find a link.



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Geliot whitman graphic and art supplies, the Wheatsheaf Graphics Shop, 56 Baker Street, London

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