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Glass gobo glue?


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I've got 6 big Coemar scanners that I'm in the process of servicing and I've got a bit of a problem. My scanners have a mix of metal and glass gobos in them, all of which rotate. Obviously this means that they are mounted in large ball races. Unfortunately the last person to service them appears to have used a thick mineral oil which has started to gum up the bearings.


In order to clean the oil from the bearings, I thought that the easiest way would be to remove the gobo holders and clean them in a bath of white spirit. This worked perfectly on the holders with metal gobos in them as the gobos are bolted in. However I've just found out the hard way that the silicone adhesive that the glass gobos are held in with dissolves in white spirit! :)


What should I use to reattach the gobos? Obviously what ever I use needs to be heat resistant and shouldn't set solid, so Araldite is out of the question. Is there such a thing as heat-resistant silicone?


Just in case anyone suggests it, yes I know you aren't supposed to use mineral oil or WD40 on movers, as it gums up or evaporates. I've got some silicone oil which I've already started to use. Its made by 3-in-1 and is much cheaper than Martin oil.

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