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The one thing that really bugs me is...

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A topic to vent your frustrations about specific pieces of equipment.




For each post you may only mention one piece of equipment and the ONE most annoying feature of it (to you).


The equipment must be theatre-related but can be from any discipline.


I'll make a start:


On the Congo lighting board if you type in, say, "23@50" which will bring channel 23 to 50%, if you then realise you actually meant channel 24 not channel 23, pressing "@0" straight away will achieve absolutely nothing. You need to leave a couple of seconds before you can change the level. It's hugely annoying when you're running against the clock and, although I reported it to ETC quite some time ago, their assertion that "the next version of the software should fix that" didn't come about and now, if anything, it's slower still. Maybe it's just getting more annoying the more often it happens! B-)


Now it's your turn...

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Source 4 Zoom. Every single time I try and focus the beggars I wonder why they aren't just sold with the balance yoke. We've broken 2 by over-tightening trying to stop them nodding towards the audience.
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gets on my tits when people dont send anything, and expect you to know there show inside out.

Theres this new invention called a telephone,you can use it to make contact with people and ask them question like what time do you want the house crew to put the kettle on , whether they prefer lee or rosco,and how how louds the PA,pretty clever thing telephones.

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