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Leapfrog 48 and Chromabank Mk2


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How to build a fixture in the Zero88 fixture type editor for the Pulsar Chromabank MK2.


I Have to use 10 Chromabanks, 48 dimming channels, 10 Alphaspot 300, 10 alphabeam 300 and 10 Alpha wash 300.


I need to build a the 46 channel chromabank fixture.


the channels are.


1 : Red Full

2 : Green Full

3 : Blue Full.

4 : Effects 1

5 : Effect 1 speed

6 : Effect 1 dim

7 : Effects 2

8 : Effects 2 Speed

9 : Effects 2 Dim

10 : Global fader for the 12 indivudual RGB heads

11-13 : RGB Head 1

14-16 : RGB Head 2

17-19 : RGB Head 3

20-22 : RGB Head 4

23-25 : RGB Head 5

26-28 : RGB Head 6

29-31 : RGB Head 7

32-34 : RGB Head 8

35-37 : RGB Head 9

38-40 : RGB Head 10

41-43 : RGB Head 11

44-46 : RGB Head 12


The thing is that I need the the induvidual Heads but the desk only support a 100 fixtures.


Any Idears ??


All the best Netkenn.

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could you not get a bigger desk? This is well above the limits of any frog. Something like an avo pear or hog. easy enough to use but a lot more powerful than the frog. I dont think you will be able to do this as your efx and generic channels on the chroma's will need addressed to multiable address which is not possible on the frog.
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I agree this is an unsuitable console really.


But if you have to use it then there is only one option - 46 ch chroma fixtures. Not knowing the desk I am assuming it is possible to access this many attributes. It will be a pain and, again, if the Frog has virtual dimmer capability then you lose this option. But I see no other way. You retain global master for the individual cells per fixture and (if it works the same as chromazone) the later software had option to switch this to master everything including effects.

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Well I found a fixture in the new fixture library, the only thing is that for some reason the first three RGB channels are

programmed as CMY instead of RGB.


I downloaded the fixture editor to correct this. But it wan't let me open the fixture file for the Chromazone 46ch

so I can correct this.


Soooo..........I am stuck again.



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