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Tin Bath


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For a frying pan that size I'd look in my local Asian interest shoping street (Green street E6/7/13 )


For Artistic props I'd look in Wyvern Bindery on Clerkenwell Road.

Recently my local Lidl ( E6 ) had prestretched artists canvasses on frames for silly cheap for "Craft" however with Lidl the specials may not be in all stores or be there when you look again.


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NOTHING actually sounds like a tin bath that isn't a tin bath. There are some soft (vinyl??) buckets in Asda and several builders' merchants. From the largest size the bottom 4" would be a bit small but a likely shape, and likely useable.


Also that black thing that builders are supposed to use when mixing cement in the street. 3ft DIA and 6in high.

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Sadly ended up with another kind of bath (luckily Degas painted a couple of types!) bought from Kempton Market. Found one similar to original to hire from Stockyard, but for 1/3 of my budget and got quotes to have one made for similar price. Ah, the joys of studio theatre!


Thanks to everyone who offered ideas,



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