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Good reading on Lighting theory


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Hey guys,


Hopefully someone can help me on this one. I'm going to be doing a thesis on Lighting Theory with special interest in Architectural Lighting and was wondering if anyone had any good books or even websites that are worth having a look at, especially when it comes to having sources to reference from.


Cheers in advance.

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Hi Will;

Don't know what you mean by a thesis or how basic the info you need actually is because your profile is a bit Mother Hubbard. As this is basically a forum for "Backstage" I don't ecpect you will get much better on pure theory than MUSHT states.

However if you want to specify AL then http://www.archlighting.com/ is a good basic starting off place as they have a FREE e-newsletter. Amazon has loads of architectural and outdoor lighting books, though .com, the US Amazon, has better and more. I'd stick with AL for now as they have educational sections, blogs etc BUT be aware that it is a US based mag so some/lots of the legislation wll be different.

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