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Celco Manual

Ken Coker

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Dear All


Not been about a lot, most will know why. However, things are moving forwards I hope


I am the posessor of a Celco 30 manual. At the moment I get about one request a month for a copy of it. Is there anyone out there who would like to take on the project of scanning it, turning it into something useable and putting it online somewhere?

This sounds pathetic, but I just don't have the resources or time to do it myself.


Obviously there's no money in this, but think of the warm glow you'll get knowing that you've enriched human knowledge.


Email me if this appeals - ken@kencoker.com





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Ken has kindly donated the manual to the NEET project and it will be made available online asap.


Brian, are you involved in the NEET project? We (University of Derby) have two old AVO desks we would be happy to donate. I think they are both AVO 80/100. 72 channels and 96 channels.


Unless, Ken, you want them ;-)

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