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Hog ipc vs pearl 2008


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Hey there ;)

I have been using a Pearl for a while now and have now managed to get my hands on an IPC.

For those of you who are familiar with a pearl, if you save a memory on mode two, you can then control the speed with which your lights move from its previous position to the one programmed on mode two, with the fader. How can I get the hog to do this?


Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks heaps



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The Hog iPC is a very different console to the pearl. The following will work, providing the console is running Hog 3PC.


You could have 2 cue's on a fader and in the cuelist options you can set the fader to a manual crossfader. That will effectivly fade between the two cue's. To set this up...


  1. Record your first cue on a fader
  2. Record your second cue on the same fader
  3. Press [Pig] [Choose] - this will open the cuelist options for that list.
  4. Select the "master" tab from the side
  5. In the "fader" drop down box, set it to Manual Crossfader.


Now all of the above works if you have a cuelist with the information and parameters in... however seeing as you have a pearl background... I am wondering whether you are busking the iPC??


If so, there is a great thing called "Fade Changes" that you can activate in the Programmer. If you select the Fade Changes button in an editor window (the programmer is also an editor), any changes you make will appear on stage over the current time settings for the changed parameters. For example, if you have intensity values in the Programmer with a fade time of ten seconds, and you select all of the fixtures and press @ 0 Enter, all of the lights would fade to 0 over 10 seconds. This is useful for making changes on the fly during a performance.


Do either of these options help you?

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Hey Joe,

Thanks so much. Will try this out first thing tomorrow morning.

I use a pearl desk because that's what my venue has. However, the company I work for, uses Hogs. I love the IPC and it seems like a much much better desk. Since I have learnt my basics on a pearl, I have all these avo ideas in my head that im trying to find hog solutions for. hehe

Mode 2 on the pearl is real handy when you're trying to track a person down an aisle, for instance. Or performers or something that I can't put a time limit on or determine how long it will take, for sure.

I have had the IPC all to myself for a day now and have figured out all the basics. I'm runnin it in the HOG 2 mode. Now looking for info on the diff between the 2 modes.

Sure there's plenty on BR.

Thanks so much for the info, I will get back to you as soon as I will have tried it out.



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Although like Nick I have used the Hog II much more than the Hog III, IPCB faders is the usual term on a good few other consoles including the Hog for an equivalent to the Avo Mode 2. Most professional level consoles I have used have a similar function for using fader position to activate LTP parameters "live".


I think the problem (regarding the Avo Mode 2) with Joes solution is that you are manual crossfading between 2 cues in a stack, not activating a particular memory over time regardless of other active playbacks.

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Just a note that my suggestions definitly work in Hog 3 mode. I have never used Hog 2 mode because it was before my time. However I think IPCB faders to exsist in Hog 2 software.


There have been alot of enhancements in Hog 3 mode than that of Hog 2, so I would suggest you use that, but I suppose it is down to preference.



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Joe is correct, you should try using Hog 3 instead, especially if you are learning the software. there seems little point in learning 2 when you can go straight to 3.


in Hog 3, IPCB crossfader is what you are looking for.


record your position as a single step cuelist

pig+choose to open the cuelist options

select "master" from the column on the left

select the "fader" drop down menu

select IPCB crossfader


when you push the fader up, the fixtures will move from wherever they are to your new position.


you will have to set the cuelist with the original position to "persist on override" in the cuelist options window if you want the fixtures to return to their original position when you lower the fader.


if you have to use Hog 2, then it's just the same except that the crossfade IPCB option is directly in the cuelist options window. just choose your cuelist then select the "options" view.




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Hey Guys,

Cheers for the info. Will get back to ya as soon as I try this out. Will switch to Hog 3 tomorrow morn. As mentioned, I might as well learn to use the desk in Hog 3 mode cuz I have the advantage of not having to unlearn anything... ;)


Dying to find out if this will work. I use Mode 2 on the pearl all the time.

Cheers again :angry:

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Hey Guys

Thanks so much for that.

I did try it out on Hog3 mode and it works. ;)

Now will try it during a show and see how things go. Havent got around to saving memories n that on the hog as yet. getting there, slowly :rolleyes:

thanks so much


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