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Big red firemans axe


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Hi all,


I need a large axe (american fireman style I think)., The handle needs to be over a metre long, the whole thing needs to look metal-like and give the apprerance of looking very heavy (although in reality the lighter the better).


Something like this:




But a little more menacing!


It's to buy not hire, as I want it in red, so will probably need a paint job.


It's for a music video shoot, for a song called Psycho.............I'll leave the rest up to your imagination <_<


Budget is no more than £ 50.

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I suspect they have supplied for film before!



Cheers JM, that axe at the bottom looks about what I'm after, the 'Psycho' is a 22 year old girl, and the vid will be a bit of a comedy shoot, so some shots will have her holding the axe in the air as she attacks her victims ( there's also a breaking through door shot), other shots well be of her dragging it along the ground, because of it's weight. (Which makes part of the comedy.....as she's dragging it across the ground.......her victims (the band) are escaping!


Thanks also Jemma, will have a look into that, as I want it as menacing as possible,



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