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spotlight 1000w fresnels

Louis sullivan NLS

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I am a bit confused.... why would you purchase lanterns you do not know where best to use them?


I have never bought my own lighting kit, always hired, as I do not have the luxury of storage space, but have always asked advice before hiring kit from the company, explaining the effect I want to create for my designs, rather than getting kit then working out what to do with it....





(I don't mean to have a go at you btw - apologies if it reads that way)

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Hi Louis

Niclights is indeed correct; we are the UK distributor for Spotlight.

There are 3 mains "families" of Lanterns so to help you find out which one you have....

Quadro, All Steel Construction and the budget range that was discontinued a number of years back, (lamp access via top door)

Combi, Steel and Aluminum Construction, (lamp access via top door)

and Sintesi, the All Aluminum construction (lamp access via removable lamp tray with double pole micro switch)

the Sintesi are on par build quality wise with the well know French brand, and the optics on the Combi and Sintesi are also very good.

Spares are available (as are Barn doors) from AC

Contact me off forum for prices

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