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How do big Amps do it?


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Yes, The stuff many moons ago used to do the trick. You could run a cs800 for 40 years in a bath and it would be fine.


The HDH boxes were also remarkably good sounding.


THey appear to have let price get in the way too much in more recent years, though of course, they haven't had a choice.

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I KNEW this post would generate sarcasm, the word 'Peavey' alone brings smiles to the faces of most sound ops.


John... a play on words perhaps but not sarcasm.


"An article built more robustly than its function requires; implies an element of indestructability"


Peavey's CS800 wasn't the best sounding amp out there, but through its various versions it provided solid amplification - often into impedances little more than a rusty nail!



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