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Lecture or pulpit mic. ?


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Hi guys ,


looking for your suggestions on which "cheap" microphone I should use on a lectern or pulpit..


We have limited budget , cant spend any more than £100 .. new or 2nd hand is fine..


Iv seen alot of techs using a single sm57,, Is this a good choice and good use of my budget ??

Ur views welcome ..


\Thanks Matt

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The Audio Technica ATM33a is quite a popular lectern or pulpit mic. You should be able to find some around the £100 (ish) mark. The model number has now changed to AT8033...


It works on an AA cell or phantom, and is fairly forgiving of mic shy users!



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I'll second both of the suggestions made - the AT goosenecks are good (a little bit of a bass resonance which can easily be eq'd out; they need a good shock mount) and the 8033 is excellent - and will run off batteries if you don't have phantom. Have also done installs with both.
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