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The Yellow Transit

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Rather unlikely, the heat would melt the acetate at just the thought of going in to a standard profile :o


Besides, if it could, DHA would have gone bust a long time ago :blink:


Now, time to go off and invent a seriously heat proof acetate that will go through a colour laserjet :P

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Looks like none of you have heard of Rosco ImagePro eh!!

Make your own image from photoshop a picture/any image... Print onto acetate using a normal inkjet printer...

Mount the 'slide' into the holder...fits source 4 Strand SL and Selecon profiles....The main unit has a fan in it that keeps the slide cool and lasts a while....

DHA didn't get there before Rosco on this one!!

And Sleah...it's been invented!!!! ;) :P :angry:

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