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Where to get Martin spares from?


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I need to get some spares for a Martin 918 and a MAC 250. I have googled everywhere and can't find nowhere.


Does anyone know of anywhere?


I need the following...


05701603 - 918 colour wheel motor

08240117 - MAC250 retaining pin

08240118 - MAC250 retaining pin

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I know this may sound really daft but I found some bits for spare and repair on ebay beleive it or not as for 918 this might be quite difficult due them being discontinued however I know some one that was going to get rid of some I will ask him and get back to you dude


Hope this helps

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Have you tried Martin themselves?


Martin won't sell direct, you have to go to a supplier, like Stage Electrics, expensive I know, but they'll be able to get the parts. Alternatively there's always 10 out of 10, they can supply, and may well be cheaper.

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