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How do you do it?


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Hello All,


I have never claimed to be an LD or Operator - although I know my way round patching them....


I may have a small tour happening with a floor package, and they can't find an LD, so I have been asked to do it.


Bashing a few looks into the Pearl no problem, Pallets, Record by Channel etc no problem.


Where I am stumped is, when you go from say a big venue to a small venue, or vice versa, how do you manage touring shapes?


On a Hog or MA, I know you store them effectively as pallets and update them, however, you can't do this on an Avo... Say, I use all 15 Subs, and 6 pages, I really don't want to have to re-record the shapes perhaps 12 times, if I run the show 'Cue by Cue'....


So, how do people do this, and manage it? Intensity, Colour etc no problem - but Movements, obviously will be the issue.


Any advice?




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Hi John


You've hit the nail on the head - AFAIK you can't save shapes as pallettes on the Pearl like you can on those other desks so updating them in the same way isn't an option. I don't think many of us can be bothered to creating/changing customised SG.DAT files for that purpose either.


Running a small touring show with a regular act, I prefer to save shape only, by channel, memories (usually mode 2 with some speed/size control) and run them in conjunction with other states. Think of them as shape pallette executors. If they repeat around the roller, then obviously linked copies could be updated in one hit.


Running a more festivally, "whose on next?" kind of show, then the usual busking programming is more suitable which also relies on shapes only faders.

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Agree with above. I just keep on a separate fader in mode2 and choose whether I want size/speed or both fadable. Uses up a playback and not a 'one fader does all' option, but is flexible.

Expert Titan/D4 allows placement on preset faders for more efficient playback master layout.

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