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Fastfold Screens


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Hello everyone!


I need to buy a 8ft x 6ft fastfold screen but I'm on a very limited budget. Can anyone recommend somewhere I can buy secondhand fastfold screens in the UK. I've done all the normal google searches etc but can't find anywhere but stumbled accross this site so though I'd try my luck here.


Thank you in advance



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Graham at GHAV is selling off old kit. I think he had a screen on his list. No web site but:-


G H A V Ltd

Hillside House, High Street,


01962 713601


No connection other than we use him, and we've bought old kit including a 12' square FF from him in the past.

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I bought a 2nd hand screen a while back. Here's a few tips:


Make sure that all the cranks are present. Should be 3 per side. And obviously, all the frame parts - screen frame, 2 legs. One screen on eBay that I went to see was missing the legs!


Check that the hinge rivets are tight. These things are very long-lived, so could easily be 30 years old. Loose rivets can be tightened, but it's a good indicator of age.


Check the projection surfaces carefully. Unfold completely to check for splits, tears or marks. They get pulled very tight, so check the edge tape. If you are looking for rear-projection, feel the surface - when it ages, it starts to develop a sticky feel. Still works, but will be prone to damage if it gets left folded.


Extras to look out for - drape sets are handy if you can get them, especially a skirt for the bottom. There's an alternative braced leg arrangement that is an optional extra.



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