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Lighting Portfolio

Sam Lindley

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All technicians,


My name is Sam Lindley and I am a student at Bridgwater College. They have just started a new course called Production Arts. This course covers all aspects of backstage and FOH work in theatres and gigs.


I have been set a task to make a portfolio with as much infomation about ANY type of lighting; catalogues, desk manuels, new lights, infact any thing to do about the subject. I am appealing to all users to just post any type of information on this thread for me and any one taking this course. Alternatively you can e-mail me at scam.1@hotmail.co.uk



Many thanks


Sam Lindley

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Learning Outcome for Stage Lighting Operations


Know how to use a portfolio of reference material

Published data: specifications, reviews, images, drawings, price lists, accessories

Analysis: photometric data; comparisons; cost features; reliability; complexity

Controls and dimmers: types; features; presets; channels; masters; control

protocols; power supply and calculations

Luminaires: eg profile spot; fresnels; PAR; floods


It is important to note that while we are very happy to help you, you have to produce material yourself to get access to the higher grades. If we give you info and you know nothing then you might get a pass



P1 collect data during research and identify key components


The important word in the Merit Criterion is that it must be relevant - and if we do it for you, you won't know, will you?


M1 collect relevant data including technical information


Quite a bit needs to be done for a Distinction. So collecting a huge pile of information that you don't understand really isn't worth it.


D1 collect and present the data in a format suitable for use. Additional learner produced documentation should be included



I'm pretty sure the person who wrote those criteria rather expected YOU would collect the material from sources YOU discovered and then once you understood what you'd got, you could do something useful with it.



I'd strongly suggest that members perhaps should NOT post the information because it would be really bad if we had a hand in you not getting a good grade - that would be very unfair of us.



We'd obviously be very happy to answer any specific questions you may have.



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Or, to put what Paul said another way, don't just come here and ask us to do your research for you. Do some yourself, give it some thought, come up with some ideas, and then perhaps tell us what you've done so far and ask for some advice and guidance on where you need to take it next. But posting here and effectively saying "my tutors have told me I need information about lighting equipment - can you guys please e-mail it to me so I don't have to go looking for it?" is not the way forward.
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I am appealing to all users to just post any type of information on this thread for me

He said it himself...kudos for honesty, but I agree with the above: ask specific questions, you'll get specific answers. I do hope most members feel the same as I do in that a lot of us have been doing this for years, both professionally and other: we're not apt to just give out free samples.



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As others have said, between the thousands of people on this forum, we can sit here and fill the server with information about lighting. The truth is, alot of it will be the same and the information is out there if you look a bit further than the obvious places.


For example, lighting consoles. Google it, you'll get companies like Avolites, Zero 88, Strand.


For you, companies such as Whitelite and stage electrics probably have quite a bit of factual information on their websites.


No-ones having a brag, but alot of people ask similar questions that you are, and it's not fair for us to do the work for you so to speak, you'll be the one getting the satisfaction from finding everything yourself and handing to your lecturer the finished portfolio of information you've found. Also, your more likely to learn more yourself if you look through companies websites, books etc.



Good luck on your search


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