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Behringer UL2000B


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1) This unit has a fairly narrow bandwidth (798.1 to 805.9 MHz). You need to check if you can licence that chuck of spectrum (in channel 62) in your location. It should be OK to use up to 2012, but as far as I can follow the Ofcom data, channels 61 and 62 will NOT be available for use after 2012.


2) This unit does not operate in the free to use spectrum or channel 69 - not that 69 is guaranteed for use any more!


3) The packs take TWO PP3 batteries. You need shares in Duracell to use it.


These three factors would mean that I wouldn't choose this system. If I had to use that slice of spectrum, I'd rather have a Sennehiser or equivalent - and know that it may have to be dumped in 3 years time.



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Two PP3s? The manual says one... but even one is a bit "old skool" these days...


but the lack of channel 69 support suggests it's not primarily intended for UK use. I wonder if there will be a "-uk" version with different firmware?


edit: looks like the beltpack version takes 1 pp3, the handheld has 2. I gess that might make it feel more "solid" :)

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