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1925's police pistols


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Doing an amateur production of Ghost Train ( North Norfolk ), can anyone help me with the type of Police pistols used in this era, about the 1925's



Most likely to be Webley revolvers. They were standard issue in the services and police for a very long time. They came in .38 and .455 calibres - I would guess the police were issued with .38s.

Google Webley revolvers to find pictures that will give you an idea of what they look like.

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Assuming that you are going to hire the weapons from a supplier of weapons for theatrical purposes (Howarth Wrightson is one that has been mentioned on here many times)


First ask their advice for the right look, second ask their advice about the relevant fire arms control legislaton and the Violent Crime Reduction legislation both of which affect the use of anything that looks like or appears to be a gun, but leave plenty of opportunity for theatrical use.


Search the forum for the word Howarth, it usually brings up relevant posts.


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PS A credit in the programme to the hirer should help to allay the local police fear that the pistols are unlicensed iillegally held items. A hire supplier should have contacts in your local area to announce that these replica/deactivated/real live firing weapons are on their patch in accordance with the law for your theatrical purposes.

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