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Outdoor Pars???


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They could cover them over night but I doubt they do. Also they had Sound lab search lights which are ment for indoors where out in the rain. I also noticed there was a UV cannon which I am sure is ment for indoors. I dont know how they dont get any problems. And it not as it if is a one night thing it runs for over a week and a half.



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Indeed not good practice but using standard pars will only occasionally cause problems in the rain; this is mainly to do with the spacing on the pins on the lamp rather than the water being expelled through heat. Put a standard par under water then you see it go pop!


A source four par does not like water at all as the wiring and lamp holder hates water - and only needs some moisture to get inside the lampholder and pop.


So, ideally if you guys do want to use PAR64s outdoor opt for the IP66 version for peace of mind and safety.

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The Minack theatre on the Cornish cliffs use standard lanterns throughout.


And a very nice place it is too, wish I'd got to actually see a production there.


Back in the sixties, I, as a kid of about seven or eight years old, would wander through the stage at Brooklands Bowl most weekends, and it too used ordinary theatre lanterns, many of which were patt 23s and 123, all outdoors. They stayed there all summer. In Taranaki, it rains, even in summer!!!




"Large format framed print of the Bowl of Brooklands, Pukekura Park (New Plymouth). This is a night time view with an empty stage and seating. It possibly records the completion of the construction of the Bowl of Brooklands in time for its opening in 1958 with the first 'Festival of the Pines'."


Theres a big lake in front of the stage which reflects the stage nicely. The two black towers either side of the stage are in the middle of the lake, and had lights on the stage side, and speakers on the audience side. Access by boat only! This side of the chairs the ground forms up into a natural amphitheatre. The trees were lit up with (incandescent!) high bay lights pointed up and with green fluoro tube fixtures in the trees themselves. Like the Minack, it is difficult to imagine more beutiful places to enjoy theatre. This is where I fell in love with theatre, so a venue with a very special place in my heart...


More here.


Looks far more boring these days with a modern stage and a shrunken lake...

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