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Hi all,

We are in need of your advice again. We are a small community theatre group and we recently bought Stairville 4 x MV250H Spot moving heads from Thomann. We use these for three nights each year so for us the price and what they offer is ideal for our limited use and budget.

We commissioned one pair so we understood the working etc and everything was fine. When we came to use them several weeks later this pair failed to work in the space. The other two had the lamps put in and worked okay. When we got the suspect pair back home and had no pressure, one head worked fine the other has power but doesn't react to the controller.We have the controller that came as part of the package but we normally run through Showmagic software.

Our question is how can we test if the DMX signals are being received by the head or should we just ship it back to Thomann?


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Does the non-working head run its start-up cycle and can you feel any resistance if you try to move the head when the unit is on?



Thanks, Jeff, will try that over the weekend. - Keith



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Swap the desk out for something else, even a DMX desk with fader-per-channel, and try and get the heads to work. This will establish if the controller is at fault.

Thanks Dave for that - we have an Alcora desk that we can try it through and will post the result. Keith.

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