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So, I'm designing a show that has a scene that needs to be lit with pick-up truck headlights.


I'm looking for the best way to power the damn things. I'm pretty clueless with car electrics, so hopefully someone can help me.


What would be a good way of getting these things onto a dimmer channel. I've had a car battery charger recommended, but I imagine that the dimmer won't be happy with one of them on the end? The headlights will be these.


Any better ideas? Would a regular 12v dimmable transformer be the way forward? Bear in mind I'm in the Canadark.


I'd like dimmable because I'd like to be able to recreate the alternator "flicker" if at all possible. They'll only be on for at most 10 seconds per show.


Thanks in advance.

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Take a look at the City Theatrical SHoW DMX Dimmer - its a 3 channel DMX dimmer that runs from a 12v supply. You can pair it with the SHoW DMX wireless system if you need to, giving a completely wireless 12v system.


Does that help?

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Vehicle headlights normally use 12 volts nominal (nearer 14 in practice) DC


They will work just as well from AC therefore a transformer is required, a 12 volt transformer as used for halogen lighting would be fine, provided that it is large enough, 55 watts is a common headlight rating but some are 70 watts or even more.

Since the lamps are designed for about 14 volts, if worked from 12 volts they will be dimmer than in actual use on a vehicle, if full brightness is essiential then you will need a 14 volt transformer, but 12 volt should be fine in practice.


The transformers should be close to the lamps since voltage drop may otherwise be a problem (unless very large cables used between lamp and transformer)


I would advise against useing a number in series from any dangerous voltage, ensuring mains standard insulation would be rather a challenge.

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