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Pyrotechnics Training Course

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Here are details of a forthcoming Pyrotechnics training day


Please direct any enquiries for places to jeanne@amtcc.org.uk




Friday 30 April 2004


9.30am-4.45pm at Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry


An awareness-raising course for technicians and managers about the uses and safety requirements for pyrotechnics. The course covers fundamental issues including: flame-proofing, risk assessment, storage, wiring, maroons and concussion, flashpots, testing and transport emergency cards.

Theory is then put into practice with group work using pyrotechnic devices and control systems culminating in a presentation of Rockets, Flames, Airbursts, Saxon Wheeels and Waterfalls.


Course participants will be given a pyrotechnics safety awareness certificate and will be eligible for one years free Association of Stage Pyrotechnicians membership.

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