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Just a quick question to see what plug top you guys use on the Zero 88 Alpha Packs.


The mannual states that the unit can take up to 16amps, so what you connect it with a 16 amp plug and use a 13-16 amp jumper when required, or would you just put a 13 on it and loose the extra 650watts that is possible?

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Hi Trunker


The current limit on the Alphapack is internally set according to the country, as this normally dictates what plug will be fitted to the supply lead - details of the factory set current limit are in the manual. If you are fitting a higher rated supply plug and wish to change the current limit setting, then this is something we recommend you ask the dealer you bought it from to do for you, to avoid invalidating the warranty by opening the unit. Dealers are provided with details on how to change the current limit setting.


Hope this helps.

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