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Vehicle floor load restraint track


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Hi all


I've finally finished kitting out my new (to me) VW transporter. It serves as my car during the day and my gear-shifting vehicle all the rest of the time. I'm pretty pleased with the results - carpet lined with LED (colour changing) lighting (yes I've been having fun!).


One thing it had from the old owner was a pair of removeable seats in the back that are on tracks set into the floor. The tracks look similair if not exactly the same to flying track used on loudspeakers. I've also seen it used in ambulances and disabled vehicles.


I'm now looking to add some more and am looking for a source. Unfortunately I don't quite know what to google for which makes life difficult and I've tried lots of different things.


I'm also after a cheap (ish) supplier and was hoping someone out there had been down this route before.


Is it the same stuff as flying track? If so terralec have it, though it seems expensive.


The extrusion is aluminium and consists of a series of 25mm (ish) diameter holes, running along the length of the track. The holes are joined together by a notch running the full length of the track, so you slide a circular peg into the large hole, slide it towards the narrow bit between and then a pair of teeth snap down and locate into the larger holes either side.


Just to reassure people, the new track is for load restraint only, not for the seats. I'm aware of the implications regarding mounting seats - these were a professional fit done for the previous owner.

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Unwin-safety.co.uk will have something that suits, they do wheelchair restraint kits for vehicles including rails and straps.


I think the rail is actually still in imperial measure, it certainly was last year.


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PS the fitting of the rails is not trivial, and usually relies on there being several fastening bolts through the vehicle to distribute the load.

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Indeed it does help! I happen to work at an airport and thinking about it, can head over to the light aircraft maintenance people and see what they've got. I suspect that the aviation stuff will be the same as the vehicle stuff, just a lot more money!


Brian and Jivemaster

Thanks for the leads, will chase both companies down and see what I can find. I know it's not an easy or trivial job, luckily the transporter has excellent access through the floor to bolt and my own additional flooring is 1" thick ply, which I intend to bolt through to the van's own floor.

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